twenty-six by 26.

Welcome, I am Rosa. I am 26. Before I turn 27 I plan to run 26.2 miles!

Yesterday I had my cake, and ate it too! #runtoeat #or #justeat #cakeisgood

Yesterday I had my cake, and ate it too! #runtoeat #or #justeat #cakeisgood


26 was and is a wonderful number.
My blog’s goal was completed on March 9, 2014 when I completed the LA Marathon.

Yesterday morning, on the morning of my 27th birthday , I decided to step on the scale and assess my current weight. I had been avoiding it for over 3 weeks because I knew the number had probably increased.

My eating over the last two weeks has been ok. Not good, but also, not terrible. I intermittently logged my calories.

On my last weigh in, done about 3 weeks ago, I weighed 187. Yesterday I weighed 176.5.

1. My scale is probably broken, no seriously. It has to be broken or faulty.
2. Water weight? Maybe I’m severely dehydrated?

Either way, I am happy. Even if it is broken, because I’ve made small changes that I hope are contributing to the “loss”: no soda on weekdays, no candy, more water, no eating after 7pm, eating my servings of vegetables everyday.

I calculated my new calorie target, the app on my phone says I should eat 1700 if I am moderately active. I will take moderately active to mean exercise 45 minutes or more 3-4 times a week, with a longer cardio (run) on saturdays. This seems reasonable, right?

Either way, this weight business isn’t stressful anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about the number, but obsessing over it doesn’t help. Since I got the lump/ cancer scare, I really do want to focus on my health. Mentally, I want to be strong and motivated about my life. As far as my health is concerned, being active and not obese puts me in a safer bracket against all the things that could go wrong with this body of mine.

This concludes the rant for today, but let me end with one of my favorite quotes / lyrics …

I know I was born and I know that I’ll die, the in between is mine. I am mine.

It was my birthday yesterday! 
Cheers to 27 wonderful years. I celebrated by getting a nice fever. 
And, as assumed,  had my cake and ate it too!

It was my birthday yesterday!
Cheers to 27 wonderful years. I celebrated by getting a nice fever.
And, as assumed, had my cake and ate it too!

Coffee drinking #coffee #pasadena

Coffee drinking #coffee #pasadena

For no particular reason…

For no particular reason…

My niece and nephew doing what they do best: filling my heart with love.

My niece and nephew doing what they do best: filling my heart with love.


• I decided, when I woke up, that Monday would be great! On Friday I got the results from the biopsy: benign! | thanks to everyone who was so supportive, I appreciate all of your kind words and prayers! |
• As I was driving to work, POP, my tire goes flat. In the middle of morning rush hour. fantastic.
• currently waiting for help to arrive because I cannot be bothered to change a tire. I theoretically know how but you know, this and that.
• Lets see how long this takes!
• Monday will still be awesome!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you everyone! Your prayers and good wishes mean so much to me. 

I went in for my biopsy, after a insurance mix up I was thiiis close to missing my appointment. The procedure went smoothly, I felt absolutely no pain and am glad its over. I got a core needle biopsy on my  right breast, the doctor took out 4 samples. All I have to do now is wait.

Wait for the results…

I have been cleared to return to work this Friday. I will try my best to keep my mind occupied with other things (school) in order to not lose my mind the 8-10 days it takes for the results to come in. 


I’ve had to relay difficult and painful information to my mom. No, not ” hey mom I’m 16 and pregnant” type of thing.

A few years ago, I was the unlucky person who answered the phone at 6:30am from an uncle in Mexico. The news he had to share was heartbreaking: my grandfather ( mom’s side) had passed away. I sat on the sofa and informed my mom of the news. With dry eyes, I sat next to her and comforted the only way I sought fit, I hugged her. I sat next to her and rubbed her back. That moment ranks number one in making me feel like the most useless person a live. Despite this, I sat there and told her that it would be okay. 

Tonight, as I told my mom about my scheduled biopsy for a lump on my left breast, I felt helpless and scared, not for myself, but for her. 

I know I may be over thinking and overanalyzing what this lump could be. In the event that that it is cancerous, I know that she will take it the hardest, lose the most sleep, and suffer the most. 

I have been numb for the past several weeks. As an avoider by nature, I have managed to think nothing of the lump on my breast. I obviously and mistakingly sought WB MD and the american cancer association for answers to questions I did not have. I got answers that I didn’t need to see. 

I haven’t shared this information with many, the few friends that I did tell, I told so via text or private message. My mother was the first person I told the news to out loud. As I shared the news with mom, reality set in. 

Tomorrow I have a scheduled biopsy for a lump on my breast. A lump that I hope is anything but cancer. I am terrified and hope all of my worrying will be in vain. 

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